About Us

Referral Fee Exchange (RFEx) is a LCAT Holdings Inc. project under development for two years and expected to be fully operational by Autumn of 2017.

The mission of the Referral Fee Exchange is to bring efficacy and trust to the referral fee transaction process.

The “RFEx” is the first organization that created programs and an operating system to address and minimize the concerns of members submitting their contacts.

The company's vision is to become the largest exchange for processing referral fee transactions for individuals, organizations and affiliated membership networks.


We are happy to present the

Referral Fee Exchange

The Exchange facilitates matching a transaction and tracks the progress to its conclusion; Our services engenders integrity by gathering signed agreements, collecting and distributing finder fees and assisting w/ Arbitrating disagreements.

Referral Payments are dispersed to members and any third party affiliates. Members also may elect to have their dispersement’s sent to a Charitable Cause.

RFEx is the product of Louis Cattaruzza's experience of starting and building an investment bank and pioneering in the early days of the Internet the first use of streaming business conferences and content from an interactive platform called World Wide Corporate Network.

After several years of  testing his assumptions, the time was right to launch the first phase of developing the needed programs and process. A core group of members was assembled and a technology team was contracted to make the exchange process affordable.

Just like any stock or commodity exchange, the future of a referral fee exchange requires a team of professionals, lawyers, accountants, technology and operationally savvy back office personnel to attend to the expected volume of transactions once the programs and process will become widely used.

We encourage you to join & start using our website.. help us make the RFEx System the best it can be.