Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

We are just “Online Exchange,” basically a clearing house and insurer of referral fee transactions, administered by a staff of lawyers, technology and other membership support staff.

We provide our members a way to be in compliance with regulatory agencies, along with a program and a process to help them build and administer their Referral, Affiliate and Partner Programs.

As a membership organization we also serve the integrity of our members by providing a membership arbitration committee, should the need arise.

Agents, brokers, small and large businesses who either want to be insured in receiving referral fees for their contacts or use our programs to grow their referral networks.

Our Affiliate membership organizations are provided clearing and insurance services for their members.

To have access to RFEX proprietary, technology, legal and back office support that allows members to develop their referral

network with a level of comfort, knowing that their relationships are protected and transactions meet regulatory compliance.

As a General (Referral) Member

..A member who refers either themselves or someone in their network to receive insured referral fee payment(s).

A General member can also begin to grow their network to Affiliate status.

At the General level, our logo can be used to show your affiliation with the Exchange (your business cards, brochures & websites), adding credibility to the development of your referral network.

Anyone can benefit… Either as an Individual Business owner, a Partnership or as an Organization.

Just remember, you need to be fully authorized to represent a Business organization, especially if you are an employee.



As a person receiving a referral fee you can supplement your income or retirement needs, help organizations make the business connections they need, as well as direct your referral payments to your own charitable cause.

As a Pro Member

All campaigns provide a referral fee amount either in a (%) percentage or fixed amount and can be customized to include professionally produced video presentations.

A link to your campaign page can be sent out to your prospective network of referral members. Providing them a well scripted overview of who you are and what you have to offer.

As a Pro Member you are able to use our application to generate either monthly campaigns or ongoing annual postings.

You get Access to RFEx program and education on how to build your referral network.

Also, as a Pro member you get direct access to a Membership Resource manager with hands on assistance and development of your Referral Network.

Pro members are usually agents, brokers or small businesses that are looking to publish their campaigns both monthly or annually.

As a Premium Member

A Premium Member is an organization that uses RFEx programs and processes to expand and administer their Referral, Affiliate and Partnership Network(s).

Our staff of dedicated Resource Managers will counsel and train your sales and marketing department on how to best leverage the RFEx Technology.

A Campaign is a listed offer that is posted on the RFEX campaign listings page. This is able to be viewed by the public. However one needs to become a member to be able to respond, refer and interact with the system and the member posting the offer.

As an Affiliate Member

Any member who has referred 10 or more members in their referral network or any outside membership organization that chooses to provide RFEx services to their members

Once signed up as an Affiliate you will be given your individual link (code) which you will use to introduce RFEx to your network.

We use advanced tracking techniques to ensure you are given credit for each and every referral fee that was generated from one of the members you referred to RFEx.

For every new member that joins RFEX that you, as an Affiliate referred, you will be credited 20% of both the RFEX membership and processing fee.

It’s based on how long a transaction is completed using your contact.

Payments are made every two weeks to anyone with over $25 credit in their account.

Simply put, our business is being a clearinghouse for referral fee transactions for any referral program or platform.

We currently have the distinction of being the only Exchange providing our services.

Our interest is to make sure our members referral fees are compliant, administered, tracked and insured.

Start by registering for free. Find out how membership can work for you and call us if you need more help?

Once you register, as a General member, you can start customizing a plan with our assistance to help you grow your referral network.

To learn more please read our brief tutorial, “What is an Affiliate?” It will explain, from the beginning, everything you need to know to get started.