How the RFEx Works

How RFEx Works for Members looking to refer their contacts (General Membership)

After your lawyer and accountant,  membership in the RFEX is a most needed tool to help you grow your practice or business.

If you are one of the 55 million independent business people in the US, then you should consider learning how valuable your qualified contacts truly are to you and to those needing them.

We call those relationships, your “Bank of Contacts”. Meaning, those relationships that you worked on developing through your business career are a very valuable asset.

The referral fee payments you currently do not receive, could be used for personal needs or a way to fund a charitable cause of your liking.

The greater business relationships you acquire the more valuable your "bank of contacts" becomes.

Now, that begs an understanding. What qualifies as being part of your “Bank of contacts” ?

That would be someone willing to pick up a call from you or return your call.  They should be willing to view or  hear about an opportunity that was presented to you, that may be a perfect fit for them. That, is a qualified contact!


Some examples of qualified contacts:

(a) Family member in business for themselves
(b) A business colleague
(c) A client of yours
(d) Someone you shared a seminar
(e) Someone you went to School with
(f) A business acquaintance, that you swap business cards with.

To add to your bank of contacts, I recommend you follow our “referral program” and join a network of like minded business men and women who agree that the idea of “the sharing economy, is good for all”.

When you join the RFEx all of the agreements, tracking and collecting is done by the Exchange. If there is a dispute the Exchange arbitration committee will deal with it!

By joining you get to promote the unabashed idea that “sharing is caring”. You put the power of your referral network - coupled with ours, to work, helping you make the business connections you need !!

“The measure of someone's worth is how many people they have moved, touched and inspired”