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Referral Currency Program

If you’ve developed a valuable network of business professionals, members of the Referral Fee Exchange (RFEx) may be interested in paying you for referring your contacts.

Imagine being able to turn your contacts into Referral Currency. Our program is very simple to make connections. Opportunities are delivered in 2 ways:

  1. ·         Listed on our website at CAMPAIGNS
  2. ·         Emailed with a detailed video presentation from the requesting member

Just click the button that says, “I have a contact”.

We also take care of the necessary legal work to make sure the transaction is compliant, and to guarantee you get your referral currency!

Make the power of association work for you. Start with our FREE membership to view opportunities that pay referral fees then upgrade to begin earning revenue on your referrals. Click here to REGISTER.

Biz Connection Program

Successful business people are well connected. The Biz Connection program at RFEx helps businesses and individual professionals develop and administer their own REFERRAL FEE NETWORK.

Our Biz Connection Program provides the RFEx technology, education and support staff that makes the process of building a network of quality business connections simple!

Whether you are a broker, agent or small business, membership in RFEx means harnessing the power of collaboration, the same way large organizations drive their growth through their referral, affiliate and partnership programs.

Membership at RFEx means that you have been vetted and found to have the kind of business ethics that warrant doing business with you.

It also means that if you are just starting out you will be building a network of contacts that you will be referring to your other registered contacts. All with the intention of building trust, loyalty, and integrity when it’s time for your contacts to refer you!

All RFEx members are networks and we serve their need for generating the best-qualified business contacts and relationships. We are confident that we can guarantee your satisfaction!

Want a cost-effective way to grow your practice or business? Schedule a time for a demonstration on how our Biz Connection Program can get you started today!

Click here; a relationship manager will give you a call.

Collaborative Enterprise Program

Is your company anxious to take advantage of the “collaborative” movement that is happening in business?

You must understand that the sharing economy is a tremendous disrupter of the old marketing systems that preyed on individuals and other business with subliminal messages and promises that were never delivered.

To this end, your Referral, Affiliate and Partnership Programs need to be administered with the best of technology and experience!

Our technology coupled with our certified RFEx relationship managers can help your organization successfully develop and administer your Biz Connection program!!

RFEx Certification

Affiliate Program

People buy from people they trust. Are you part of a large organization that wants to provide its members the value of our Referral Currency Program as well as generate a new revenue stream? Our affiliate program uses RFEx technology and development structure to create a simple, yet powerful and mutually profitable program for its members.

Contact us, and let’s start collaborating!